How to set the default due date for invoices with Xero?

Dimitri Raziev18 Jun 20211 min
How new Xero tool can revolutionize your business?

Xero has become more significant than a simple accounting tool. It now offers a wide selection of features to support your business. Apart from primary accounting tools, your company can now profit from default due date bills option!

Xero x Hubdoc integration

After the integration of Hubdoc technology with Xero, numerous new features have been introduced to facilitate issuing new invoices in Xero. One of the latest features enables you to set a default due date for suppliers on your terms.

Hence, once the default date for the supplier has been established, the next time you receive an invoice from them, your preferred due date will automatically display.

For instance, you might want to override the due date statement when your supplier offers you a prompt payment discount. Hence, by using the new Xero update you can arrange the due date to match the discount date. Then you can simply access the invoice in Xero under “Awaiting Payment” section. 

Another situation when your business decides to pay its bills on a date that differs from the one referenced on the invoice. Similarly, you can arrange the default date to match the date your business repays its invoices, so they appear together and are simpler to manage.

Upgrade this feature with Kolleno 

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