Choosing the most robust billing and invoice software

Dimitri Raziev29 Jun 20215 mins

Making an informed decision when choosing the billing and invoice software is an immense step for your business’s success. This step, therefore, assists in managing and keeping track of finances effectively for the long-term performance of firms.

Wise decisions thus depend entirely on:

Software Integration

Knowing your needs based on what you are actually looking for in billing software. Much to take into account since these billing solutions are hosted within the cloud and desktop computers. A top-notch evaluation takes into account critical thinking about how many people need access to billing information.

Moreover, how the software will be used, or rather an integration with other software solutions is key in the entire process. Kolleno offers an Accounts Receivables (AR) Software that will seamlessly integrate with your business software.


A budget which is of immense importance for the invoicing software. A couple of different payment models influences the purchasing decision. It is either cloud-based with a monthly fee and a corresponding discount if you pay for a year in advance. The billing software that is independently hosted requires more money upfront and lasts until the upgrade.

These packages assist in saving money in the long run because they aid in identifying tax deductions. Kolleno AR Software entirely priced based on the utility we bring to you. We charge 1% to 5% based on the invoices turned to cash. 

Businesses across the globe were trying to reduce their expenditures on cloud-based software, in order to survive the recession that followed the COVID-19 pandemics. The research shows that a fifth of surveyed businesses was trying to save on accounting or finance software.

Changing your invoicing software during the recession is not the best idea, as the business is already going through changes. So, in order to prepare for unforeseen crises like the one we are experiencing right now, choose the solution that fits your budget in the long term.   

Industry-Specific Softwares

Different ventures have different needs thus, require specific software packages that absolutely suit their needs. A general package that fits multiple programs may not work appropriately and even result in failures. General contractors, for example, have special needs. They might want to consider something that focuses on job costing and bid management that integrates with accounting software.

We, at Kolleno, understand that different industries have their own unique features, so we have developed solutions that offer invoice software extensions especially friendly for construction companies, architects, healthcare, and many other professionals. If you think that you require a bespoke solution, we are happy to discuss how we will accommodate your needs. 

Examine the Different Features Offered by Different Packages

This is a vital step and the most immediate task that needs to be conducted. Some basic software will require that the invoices have their specific logo on the invoices. Therefore a software will require an upgrade in order to have the logo on the invoices. Making an inquiry about notifications and whether or not the accounting software sends them automatically to a client when an invoice becomes past due would also be necessary and instrumental.

In case there is a need for accessing billing and invoice systems on the go, something that is absolutely cloud-based would therefore be of great importance and efficient when viewing the venture system on an electronic device such as a phone.

Check Integrations

Your business might have been using multiple systems previously i.e., for payroll, accounting, human resource, billing, and invoicing. In an ideal situation, these systems can communicate with each other and have all of the information you need simplifying on one dashboard. This saves a lot of time-shifting from one system to another to find information. In addition, integration with other systems will save time on data entry work and reduce errors.

Asking Appropriate Questions for the Right Solution

This helps a lot in coming up with relevant questionnaires that guide on the right track in buying the right solution package for the Accounts Receivables management. Some of the examples of questions that are helpful are:

How easy it is to use, are there hidden costs such as set up fees and monthly costs? Does the plan include security? Is the software customizable for the business? How is data backed up and restored? Will the software grow with our business? What kind of support is there? Are there additional costs for technical support? When you narrow a decision down to a few choices, take a demonstration to experience the software for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Making the final decision based on the right billing and invoicing software. According to most studies, small businesses shut down because of cash flow issues. The pandemic have raised the concerns of small businesses regarding their cash flow- only 59% felt comfortable, comparing to 80% prior to pandemics.  

Sending out invoices and tracking your finances, therefore, becomes the ultimate solution to this predicament. The Invoice software has to take the pressure of sending off invoices for the company.

Before you make a decision which software package is right, make a critical analysis of the companies needs, just to find out that an industry-specific software is right for the entire operations.

Hence, the availability of a plethora of billing solutions helps massively in choosing the right course of action for the organizations business model. Some of the most efficient solutions include:

– Pure Players specialized in invoicing. They are often very extensive and meet a range of expectations from very different types of companies.

– Accounting tools combine an invoicing module to reconcile these two essential elements in the same platform.

– All-in-One platforms Invoice module often associated with a larger software suite with additional functionalities for example CRM and pre-sales tools

– An ERP software Complete solution integrating numerous operational activity management modules in addition to a complete invoicing module

– Homemade solutions i.e. traditional Excel spreadsheet for small ventures and back-offices developed in-house for larger companies.

Kolleno Accounting Software Integration

Kolleno has developed a unique accounting software integration that will help you to manage your debt collection and credit control in a seamless, most efficient way. Our clients do not have to worry about chasing late invoices, figure out how and when is better to contact the customer who is missing on the invoices and will help employees to focus on their direct responsibilities. Contact us today and find out how we can help!