Navigating the 2024 Payment Life Cycle

During our webinar, we will cover:

✔ Open Banking’s Impact on Integrated Payments

✔ The Significance of Multiple Payment Options in Integrated Systems

✔ Direct Debits’ Resurgence as a Key Payment Method in 2024

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In today’s era of abundant payment methods, it’s crucial to cater to your customers’ preferences by offering a variety of payment channels. Providing this flexibility not only accelerates invoice settlements but also significantly enhances customer satisfaction. Join our webinar to delve into essential payment frameworks like direct debits and open banking. Discover why embracing a broad spectrum of payment options is the key to business success and happier customers.

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Are workflows the right solution for you?

With Kolleno you can discover how to:

•   Structure your day-to-day operations robustly

•   Enhance the productivity of your team

•   Increase visibility of your financial position and operations

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Are workflows the right solution for you?

Want to learn more about GoCardless?

Find out more about GoCardless including:

How they improve cash flow

How they reduce failed payment

How they reduce churn

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Want to learn more about GoCardless?

Learn why clients choose automation

  • Achieving cost savings through process optimisation
  • Saving the team an equivalent of 2 days of work per week
  • Ability to refocus time and energy on what really matters
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