Zartis leverages Kolleno to Streamline AR Processes and Boost Effeciency

With Laura Sanchez, COO at Zartis
Zartis leverages Kolleno to Streamline AR Processes and Boost Effeciency


of payments are collected on timein the first 5 months

12 hours

of work saved each weekin the first month


reduction in median days latein the first 3 months
Zartis is a digital solutions provider and Deloitte Fast50 company working across technology consulting, team augmentation and product development.

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In a recent conversation With Laura Sanchez, COO at Zartis, we discussed the evolving landscape of digital solutions, the challenges of managing intricate client relations, and the pivotal role of efficient financial processes in driving business growth.

The Ireland-based digital solutions provider, Zartis, has come a long way in establishing its mark in the industry. Recognised as a Deloitte Fast50 company, they’re renowned for their technical expertise, with services spanning from technology consulting to product development. Zartis’ team, representing over thirty nationalities, collaborates with a range of industries, providing top-tier digital solutions and technical advice. 

With their operations expanding, Zartis confronted growing inefficiencies in their payment collection system. Managing transactions for numerous clients across sectors became a growing challenge. This not only affected their cash flow but also drained valuable resources that could have been focused on their core services.

Seeking a remedy, Zartis adopted Kolleno’s accounts receivable management solution. Automated collection sequences coupled with streamlined customer payment portal, ensured consistent reduction in overdue payments. The platform’s real-time dashboard and analytics offered Zartis a complete picture of their payment landscape, enabling proactive measures to tackle late payments.

The transformation was evident. Zartis achieved a remarkable 90% on-time payment collection within the first five months. The median days late was reduced by 38% in just three months, with the firm saving an average of 12 hours each week on manual collection and admin tasks.

For Zartis, their partnership with Kolleno was not just about refining their financial processes; it was a strategic move. With improved cash flow and reduced administrative hassles, Zartis could concentrate on what they do best – crafting bespoke digital solutions tailored to their clients’ needs.

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