Pestokill enhances collections efficiency with Kolleno

With Becky Rimmer, Head of Central Operations at Pestokill
Pestokill enhances collections efficiency with Kolleno


Reduction in the total overdue balance in the first 3 months


of hours saved each day every month


of outbound communication automated every month
Pestokill is the largest independent pest controller in the UK, operating since 1985.
Lancashire, United Kingdom
Pest control
About Pestokill

Pestokill is the largest independent pest controller in the UK, operating since 1985. With qualified technicians spanning every city in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, their services are prompt and effective. However, with growing operations, manually managing communications and collections became administratively inefficient and costly.


As their operations expanded, Pestokill encountered challenges in tracking outstanding payments, managing tasks, and manually sending communications for collections.

Specifically, with silos between their internal hub and ERP system, their collections relied heavily on manual chasing, consuming valuable time. Therefore, the need to find a solution to streamline the process and save time was apparent.


Seeking a solution to their challenges, Pestokill chose Kolleno for its ability to consolidate their data seamlessly, easy-to-use task manager, and robust automated workflows.

Kolleno automates communication through customisable workflows triggered by events such as invoice creation, payment failure, and task completion. This detailed and tailored system not only helps target customers more strategically and effectively by segment but also reduces the finance team’s manual workload and enables them to optimise their processes.


“Kolleno streamlines our data and tasks effortlessly. It’s a seamless experience that guides our day-to-day and has improved our cash collection massively.” 
Becky Rimmer Head of Central Operations, Pestokill



By implementing Kolleno, Pestokill enhanced their AR operations and reduced their total overdue balance by 72%.

In addition to directly impacting collections and cash flow, the Kolleno system saved Pestokill’s finance team an average of 2.5 hours of work daily by automating 75% of outbound communication and optimising their task management. These results were achieved while enabling a seamless customer payment experience, utilising omni-channel communication, integrated payment links, and automated messages tailored to the end-customers’ preferred hours, boosting overall financial efficiency.


“The task manager organises and plans our day, giving the team clear overview of their daily tasks. It serves as a guiding hand, assigning responsibility and directing attention to key priorities.”
Oliwia Oginska Senior Credit Contoller, Pestokill


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