Sereni achieves operational efficiency with Kolleno’s AR Management platform

With Bart Van den Bossche, CFO at Sereni
Sereni achieves operational efficiency with Kolleno’s AR Management platform


of payments are collected on timein the first 6 months

8 hours

of work saved each weekin the first month


reduction in median days latein the first 3 months
Sereni is a leading Benelux funeral services provider that unites local funeral directors to curate bespoke contemporary mourning ceremonies.
Funeral Services

During our recent conversation with Bart Van den Bossche, CFO at Sereni, he shed light on their journey of redefining funeral services, forging deep connections with the communities they serve, and navigating the challenges of financial management in a sensitive industry.

Sereni is a leading funeral services provider based in Benelux. With a focus on personalisation and quality, they prioritise education and collaboration, bringing together local funeral directors to support them in adapting to contemporary mourning practices. With core values of integrity, empathy, and sustainability, their network offers tailored resources that respect individual cultural and religious backgrounds.

As Sereni’s network of local funeral directors expanded and their client base diversified, they encountered challenges in managing their accounts receivable. The emotional nature of their service meant that financial conversations with clients needed a delicate approach, and yet, late payments were becoming an operational challenge. Furthermore, balancing the intricacies of different funeral practices meant their invoicing structures were often unique and diverse.

To overcome these challenges, Sereni partnered with Kolleno. The accounts receivable management solution offered by Kolleno was seamlessly integrated with Sereni’s existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP package. The platform’s customisation capabilities allowed Sereni to create varied invoices that catered to their multifaceted services, while automated payment reminders ensured a smooth payment experience for all clients.

With Kolleno’s integration, Sereni achieved a remarkable 93% on-time payment collection rate within the first six months of use. Additionally, the company saved an average of 8 hours a week on financial management and repetitive collection tasks, receiving the freedom to focus on training, resource creation, and broadening their network.

Sereni’s collaboration with Kolleno has been deeply transformative. With an enhanced accounts receivable process, Sereni not only improved their operational efficiency but also reaffirmed their commitment to providing unparalleled funeral services. The synergy between Sereni’s dedication to quality and Kolleno’s financial management prowess ensures that Sereni continues to flourish, supporting communities in their moments of profound grief and reflection.

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