Kolleno partners with Tipalti, the global finance automation solution provider

Dimitri Raziev03 Apr 20242 mins
Kolleno partners with Tipalti, the global finance automation solution provider

Kolleno is pleased to announce a new partnership with Tipalti, the global finance automation company. Tipalti is the only global finance automation company to streamline all phases of the AP and payment management workflow in one holistic cloud platform, making it painless for finance teams to manage their entire supplier payments operation.

Tipalti’s connected suite of solutions addresses everything from supplier onboarding and vetting, to tax and regulatory compliance, invoice processing, payments to suppliers anywhere in the world in a wide range of payment methods and currencies, supplier payment status communications, to closing the loop with payment reconciliation and reporting.

Combined with Kolleno’s capabilities, finance teams can automate and optimise every part of their operations, as Kolleno offers a solution that streamlines all phases of the AR workflow. Kolleno’s features such as their customisable outbound communication workflows, automated reconciliation, and payments portal enable finance teams to gain full visibility of their financial position and automate and optimise their operations, increasing collections, saving time, minimising errors, and reducing costs.

“Netsuite customers are on a trajectory of high growth, driven by their global expansion efforts. Finance leaders are eagerly seeking automation to fuel this growth, particularly for the AP and AR workflows. Through our partnership with Kolleno, we’re effectively solving for these challenges, empowering Netsuite customers to thrive and succeed,

–   Deepak Goyal, Director of Alliances, Tipalti

Tipalti aligns perfectly with our objective of aiding customers in allocating resources efficiently, optimising operations, and being more effective. Together we can streamline both the AP and AR workflows for our customers, and as we both integrate with Netsuite, this partnership can deliver substantial value to our customers.”

–   Dimitri Raziev, CEO, Kolleno

Tipalti and Kolleno are both committed to combining their strengths to enable their customers to allocate resources efficiently, whilst improving efficiency.

About Kolleno

Kolleno is a financial operations platform that brings together receivables, payments and reconciliation – all in one place. The platform is built for and by finance professionals to automate and optimise back-office processes, including client payments, related communications, and financial reporting, through highly customisable workflows.

Powered by advanced AI capabilities, Kolleno pulls data from all incoming accounting systems, ERPs and CRMs, and deciphers context-sensitive data into actionable insights. 

Learn more at www.kolleno.com 

About Tipalti

Tipalti is a global finance automation company helping finance teams drive business growth by automating and streamlining accounts payable, mass payments, procurement and employee expenses in one connected suite. Tipalti takes the complexity, cost and risk out of time-consuming financial workflows, making it easy for finance teams to collaborate with employees and suppliers. Tipalti partners with blue-chip banks and financial institutions such as Citi, Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan and Visa, enabling global companies to efficiently and securely pay millions of suppliers across 196 countries, 6 payment methods and 120 currencies. Over 4,000 growth-minded companies globally use Tipalti’s suite of solutions to reduce their manual finance workload by 80% and accelerate close by 25%, all while strengthening financial and spend controls.

For more information, visit tipalti.com.