Set Up Priority Order of NetSuite Dunning Procedures

Ron Danenberg01:57

In this video, I explain how to set the priority order for dunning procedures in NetSuite. It’s crucial to order these procedures correctly because when multiple procedures can apply to a customer, invoice, or invoice group, NetSuite uses the one with the highest priority. 🚀

Steps to Set Priority Order for Dunning Procedures

  1. Navigate to Priority Settings:
    • Go to: Setup > Dunning > Dunning Procedure Priority. 📋
  2. Accessing Dunning Procedures:
    • You’ll see the options for Customer, Invoices, and Invoice Groups. Choose the one you want to update. 🔍
  3. Adjusting Priority:
    • The list is automatically sorted by priority, with the topmost being the highest priority. ⬆️
    • Click on a procedure and use the options to move it up, down, or to the top/bottom of the list. 🔼🔽
  4. Save Changes:
    • Once you’ve arranged the procedures in the desired order, save your changes. 💾

By setting this priority order, you ensure that NetSuite follows the correct dunning procedure when there are multiple options. This helps streamline your dunning process and avoid confusion when sending out reminders for overdue invoices. 📨

For more advanced and conditional dunning procedures based on various filters and data from your payment system, NetSuite, email, etc., check out Kolleno for a fully integrated solution with NetSuite. 🌐