Set up Dunning Templates in NetSuite

Ron Danenberg03:38

🚨 Problem: Effectively managing overdue payments is crucial for maintaining cash flow. Dunning letters in NetSuite automate this process, ensuring timely communication with customers about their outstanding balances. This tutorial will guide you through creating a dunning template in NetSuite (but first have a look at Kolleno to optimize your dunning process).

Steps to Create a Dunning Template

  1. Navigate to Dunning Templates:
    • 📂 Go to: Setup > Dunning > Dunning Templates > New.
  2. Enter Basic Information:
    • 🏷️ Name: Give your template a name, e.g., “My First Dunning Template.”
  3. Set Email Attachments:
    • 📎 Attach Invoices: Choose whether to attach copies of all invoices or only the overdue ones.
  4. Select Language:
    • 🌐 Language: Set the language for your dunning letter. This is important if you deal with customers from various regions or countries.
  5. Choose Email Template:
    • 📧 Template: Select the email template you created earlier (e.g., “My First Template”). You can also choose from the default templates provided in the dunning letters module.
    • Add Template: Click “Add” to make it the default. You can add multiple templates and set a different default if needed.
  6. Set Default Template:
    • ✅ Ensure there is a default template in case the customer’s language is not supported by the selected template.
  7. Add PDF Template:
    • 🖨️ PDF Template: Click on the PDF tab.
    • 📝 Select a PDF template to be attached to the email. This is a required step in NetSuite.
      • Note: The PDF provides a more formal and detailed document including customer information, invoice details, outstanding balances, payment instructions, and other legal or financial content.
  8. Save the Template:
    • 💾 Click “Save” to finalize your dunning template setup.

Key Elements of Dunning Templates

  • Email Template: Lightweight and suitable for digital communication. Contains reminders, payment details, and follow-up information.
  • PDF Template: More formal and structured. Includes detailed customer information, invoice details, and payment instructions. Mandatory in NetSuite.

Final Thoughts

Creating a dunning template in NetSuite automates the process of reminding customers about overdue payments, improving your cash flow management. By following these steps, you can ensure effective communication and maintain professional relationships with your customers.