Modernising the Office of the CFO

Irina Anichshuk19 May 202334:20

Uri Debson, Head of Finance Automation at Kolleno and Louis Demetroulakos, Head of Partnerships at Playroll, discuss the current trends being followed by CFOs to modernise their operations and streamline processes that up until now had been fully manual through accounts receivable automation.

The Emergence of Automation in Accounts Receivable

The recent webinar, “Modernising the Office of the CFO”, focused on accounts receivable automation. Co-hosted by Kolleno and Playroll, the talk explored how this tech is improving finance work.

Automation in accounts receivable means less manual work. CFOs and finance teams can then focus on strategic tasks. Automation also reduces errors and cuts costs. It enhances cash flow visibility and strengthens customer ties.

Our webinar showed real-life examples of these benefits. We demonstrated how automation can speed up payment cycles, reduce debtor days, and improve cash forecasting.

The Synergy of Kolleno and Playroll in Financial Modernisation

The second part of our talk focused on Kolleno and Playroll. These two are changing the traditional CFO’s office into a space for growth and innovation.

Kolleno’s platform has powerful features that aid decision-making. It provides insightful data, sends personalized reminders, and offers user-friendly dashboards. This way, businesses can streamline operations, optimize cash flow, and improve customer satisfaction.

Playroll offers equally advanced solutions. These integrate with Kolleno to simplify payroll processing and improve financial management.

Future of CFO Office: Thriving in the Era of Automation

In the final part of our talk, we looked at the future of the CFO’s office. We imagined a world where automation takes over repetitive tasks. Decision-making is then driven by data, and customer relationships get personalized care.

Automation tech, especially in accounts receivable, will reshape finance. CFOs’ roles will evolve, becoming more strategic. They’ll handle fewer operations but will use tech to redefine and improve their tasks.

In summary, our webinar showed that automation is not just about replacing manual work. It’s about enabling CFOs and finance teams to do more with less. This change can lead to growth and success in a competitive business world. Embrace the benefits of accounts receivable automation today!