Generative AI for
Finance Teams

During our webinar, we will cover:

✔ The role of Generative AI in helping modern finance teams

✔ Practical applications to boost productivity for finance teams

✔ The direction and outlook for AI development in 2024 and beyond

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The essential guide on how to practically implement Gen AI

Webinar Speakers

Meet Your Webinar Speakers

Djibrane Larrabure, CFO, Kolleno
Jason Ross,

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is crucial for finance teams to stay abreast of Generative AI advancements to effectively leverage its potential for automating repetitive tasks, enhancing data analysis, and ultimately boosting productivity in financial operations.


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Meet Your Webinar Speakers

Is AR automation the right solution for you?

Find out why Kolleno’s clients choose to automate their AR management:

•   Discover all of our key features at a glance

•   Save hours through automation

•   Build seamless AR Management processes

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Is AR automation the right solution for you?

Want to learn more about Workiro?

Find out why Workiro’s clients choose their next-generation document management:

•  Gain clarity cross-functionally

•  Save time on searching

•  Simplify internal processes

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Want to learn more about Workiro?

Learn why clients choose automation

  • Peace of mind: invoices are rigorously followed up on
  • 2 days of work saved per week
  • Getting time and energy back to focus on what really matters
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