Kolleno partners with Payhawk to improve financial control and visibility

Irina Anichshuk09 May 20242 mins
Kolleno partners with Payhawk to improve financial control and visibility

Kolleno is pleased to announce a new partnership with Payhawk, a leading all-in-one global spend management solution for domestic and international businesses throughout Europe, the US, and the UK. Combining company cards, reimbursable expenses, accounts payable, and seamless accounting software integrations into a single product, Payhawk makes business payments easy — for everyone.

Payhawk provides organisations with real-time visibility and control over operational spend, reducing manual work by 50% and speeding up monthly closings by 2x, all with a user-friendly experience.

When paired with Kolleno’s AR capabilities and features including the customisable workflowsautomated task managerautomated reconciliation, and payments portal, finance teams stand to benefit in many ways.

Improved control and visibility

By using Kolleno and Payhawk finance teams can gain holistic visibility and control of both incoming and outgoing finances, enabling them to optimise cash flow by accelerating collections and controlling costs. 

By centralising your financial data, Kolleno provides complete visibility and control of your incoming finances. The software categorises disputes, maintains accurate records, and quickly identifies issues and best paths to resolution, ensuring that an average of 90% of payments are made on time or early and that your business’ cash flow remains healthy. 

“Kolleno are ideal partners for Payhawk, their track record in helping finance teams to streamline working practices and get back control speaks for itself.”

– Jeremie Trouillet, Vice President of Sales,Payhawk

Payhawk extends visibility into outgoing finances, offering finance teams the tools they need to effortlessly comply with company spend policies via approval workflows, spend rules, and clever automation, ultimately fostering effective cost management. 

Reduce manual efforts and risk of errors

Kolleno and Payhawk automate your most tedious tasks like manual data entry, correcting mistakes, reconciling payments, and chasing down paper trails. 

Powered by advanced AI capabilities, Kolleno pulls data from all incoming accounting systems, and deciphers context-sensitive data into actionable insights. It helps inform your decisions, while also automating your task management, outbound communication, and reconciliation.

On average, finance teams save 2 days of work with Kolleno.

Similarly, Payhawk leverages approval workflows and intelligent automation with customisable spend rules to save your finance team time. 

Quick and easy mutual integrations

This partnership aligns perfectly with Kolleno’s ultimate mission of empowering finance teams to run efficient everyday financial operations by leveraging automation and smart technologies. 

This is particularly significant for users of ERPs such as Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics, as both Kolleno and Payhawk have high quality integrations with them. Customers benefit from live two-way syncing integrations that eliminate manual work in the ERP.

“Payhawk aligns well with our mission at Kolleno of helping finance teams run efficient daily financial operations. Combining their expertise in spend management with ours in accounts receivable, and a common integration with Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics, this partnership has the potential to provide significant value to customers.”

– Dimitri Raziev, CEO, Kolleno

Payhawk and Kolleno are both committed to combining their strengths to empower their customers to run efficient everyday financial operations. Want to find out more about how they might work to drive efficiency in your business? Register for our comprehensive, actionable joint webinar – ‘How to simplify complex accounting processes?’.