Playroll improves AR management with Kolleno

With Carli van Tonder, Financial Controller at Playroll
Playroll improves AR management with Kolleno


Reduction in the total overdue balance in the first 3 months


hours saved every week


of outbound communication automated every month
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About Playroll

Playroll is a global employer of record that manages payroll and compliance for businesses of all sizes. They offer the necessary tools and resources to efficiently hire, pay, and retain talent across 180+ countries through a comprehensive digital platform. However, as their business and customer base grew, they began to face administrative hurdles, including overdue payments.


As Playroll’s customer base started to grow, which increased the number of queries and invoices,  they confronted these challenges:

– cumbersome and manual collections process became overwhelming

– lack of visibility of customer communications led to inefficiencies

Thus to maintain efficiency and support their growth, Playroll needed a solution. Seeking to reclaim their time and redirect focus towards core services and growth, Playroll required a system that could provide real-time visibility of outstanding invoices, automate outbound communication to enhance collections, and save the team time.


Playroll chose Kolleno for its seamless integration with Xero, providing instant realtime visibility of their financial operations, which further allowed them to streamline their collections and payments.

This was achieved through features such as automated communication workflows, customer timelines, and the automated task manager.

“By using Kolleno, we’ve reduced our overdue balance by 34% and cut down 8 hours of manual collection work each week.” 
Carli van Tonder Financial Controller, Playroll


Since the implementation of Kolleno, Playroll has achieved these results:

– Reduction in overdue balance by 34%

– 8 hours saved every week

-Automation of 90% of their outbound communication

Playroll leveraged Kolleno’s ability to centralise their financial and customer data. They gained complete visibility into customer invoice statuses and utilised it to build their automated communication workflows.

By creating workflows based on triggers such as days overdue or amount overdue, Playroll could segment customers effectively and automate communications, internal and external escalations, and task creation as needed. Additionally, Kolleno’s customer timeline feature simplified query resolution by consolidating all communication and payment data for each customer in one place, providing the team with a comprehensive overview. These features not only saved time but also provided peace of mind, allowing Playroll to concentrate on core services and sustained growth.

“Kolleno has greatly simplified our processes. The platform is easy to use, robust in functionality, and the Kolleno team provide constant support tailored to our needs.” 
Carli van Tonder Financial Controller, Playroll


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