Partnership with PayEm, leading spend management platform

Dimitri Raziev20 Feb 20242 mins
Partnership with PayEm, leading spend management platform

Kolleno is pleased to announce a new partnership with PayEm, a leading spend management and procurement platform. PayEm is a comprehensive software solution that transforms how organisations manage expenses, empower employees, and take charge of financial decisions. They offer customised requests, budget control, AI-powered invoice processing, and corporate cards in one simple solution.

These features enable organisations to eliminate unauthorised spending, enforce policies, and monitor transactions in real-time. PayEm goes beyond mere compliance, actively promoting fiscal responsibility.

When combined with Kolleno’s features of customisable workflows and automated reconciliation, finance teams can gain full visibility of their financial position and automate and optimise every part of their operations, saving time, minimising errors, and reducing costs. 

This partnership aligns perfectly with Kolleno’s ultimate mission of empowering organisations to run efficient everyday financial operations through automation and smart tools. This collaboration is particularly significant for users of ERPs such as Netsuite, as both Kolleno and PayEm integrate with them.  

“This partnership with Kolleno complements PayEm’s approach to spend management by combining our strengths with Kolleno’s AR management expertise. Together, we offer businesses a more cohesive and efficient way to handle their financial operations, focusing on practicality and ease of use. It’s about creating a system where our solutions work seamlessly together, simplifying complex financial tasks for our customers.”

– Itamar Jobani, CEO, PayEm

“PayEm aligns seamlessly with our goal of helping clients simplify financial operations, enhance efficiency, and foster growth. With expertise in spend management and an integration with Netsuite, partnering with PayEm can bring significant value to customers, especially when combined with Kolleno’s ability to streamline financial processes.”

–   Dimitri Raziev, CEO, Kolleno

PayEm and Kolleno are both committed to combining their strengths to enable their customers to achieve greater success and allocate their resources more efficiently.

About Kolleno

Kolleno is a financial operations platform that brings together receivables, payments and reconciliation – all in one place. The platform is built for and by finance professionals to automate and optimise back-office processes, including client payments, related communications, and financial reporting, through highly customisable workflows.

Powered by advanced AI capabilities, Kolleno pulls data from all incoming accounting systems, ERPs and CRMs, and deciphers context-sensitive data into actionable insights. 

About PayEm

PayEm revolutionises spend management with a user-centric approach. The platform offers customised employee request forms, dynamic approval workflows, budget control for informed decision-making, and AI-powered invoice processing, simplifying finances and promoting accountability. 

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