Kolleno partners with Webexpenses

Irina Anichshuk09 Jul 20241 min

Kolleno is pleased to announce a new partnership with Webexpenses, one of the leading expense management software companies. Webexpenses enables businesses to optimize their expense tracking and reconciliation processes, streamlining financial operations with ease and precision.

Through this partnership, Kolleno and Webexpenses aim to enhance financial management for businesses globally. Kolleno’s expertise in automating accounts receivable processes and Webexpenses’ innovative approach to expense management offer a powerful combination that addresses the key challenges faced by finance teams.

“We are excited to partner with Webexpenses to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the critical financial management needs of businesses. Our combined expertise and innovative technologies will empower businesses to achieve greater financial control and efficiency”.

  • Irina Anichshuk, COO & Head of Partnerships, Kolleno

“With further commitment to our partner network, we’re delighted to be working closely with Kolleno. We’re really looking forward to building on this relationship to offer more to our current and future customers, and providing even greater value”.

  • Chief Revenue Officer, Jamie Stalker, Webexpenses

About Webexpenses

Webexpenses is a leading provider of expense management software that simplifies the process of expense reporting and approval for businesses. With a focus on user-friendly design and robust functionality, Webexpenses helps organizations of all sizes to be more efficient and effective by removing the need for manual processes and improving the visibility of company spend.

About Kolleno

Kolleno is the highest-rated accounts receivable software on the G2, loved by companies like 1Password, Dealer-FX, and Marshmallow. It is built for and by finance professionals to automate and optimize finance back-office processes with AI-powered features. Kolleno simplifies the management of client payments, ​​related communications, and financial reporting by keeping everything in sync – data, systems, and people.