How Kolleno Enhances Efficiency and Client Engagement

Adonis Damalis
Adonis Damalis
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About the Client’s case

In our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with innovative solutions, we recently had an insightful conversation with one of our clients based in the UK. Having implemented Kolleno approximately six months ago, they shared their insights on the value their team has derived from our platform.

Their experience demonstrates the tangible benefits derived from implementing Kolleno. By leveraging the white label email solution, efficient contact management capabilities, and the customer portal, Kolleno has enhanced their operational efficiency and strengthened their client relationships.  Now, let’s delve into these key features one by one. 


Key Benefits:

Optimizing Email Communication:

With Kolleno’s white label email solution, none of our client’s emails were getting lost in spam or junk folders and were consistently delivered to the intended recipients. With this seamless email delivery, they were able to send out a multitude of emails to their clients, not only for overdue invoices but also as gentle reminders for upcoming due invoices. Consequently, this proactive approach significantly reduced the invoice-to-cash cycle time, allowing for prompt payments and improved cash flow.

Efficient Contact Management:

Kolleno’s ability to expedite the identification of the correct contact person was another feature they highlighted, reporting that they could effortlessly pinpoint the relevant point of contact with their customers. The system provided prompt feedback, such as mail delivery notifications or indications of incorrect team assignments, all within a centralized platform. This facilitated smooth and uninterrupted communication, enabling the team to add new contacts and send communications promptly and accurately.

Streamlined Payment Processes:

Kolleno’s customer portal enabled them to receive payments more efficiently and expedite cash flow. It provides their clients with a user-friendly interface where they can access a comprehensive overview of all outstanding invoices. Clients can effortlessly download statements, select invoices for payment, and even modify payment amounts as needed. This convenience extends to the ability to make payments directly through the portal, with options for bank transfers or card payments, all accessible from any device.