Reconcile your UBS account

Save time on manual matching of payments with UBS. Attain effortless accuracy in your finances while avoiding unnecessary complexities.

  • Automate your UBS Online Services account reconciliation and transaction matching processes
  • Offer your customers a simplified payment solution through UBS and eliminate errors with Kolleno
  • Boost accuracy of financial management with instant reporting through UBS Online Services, enable smart decision-making
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Seamless Settlement & Precise Payments RECONCILIATION ON AUTOPILOT

Seamless Settlement & Precise Payments

Simplify your payment and bank reconciliation with your UBS account by using Kolleno. Cut down the hours spent on manual reconciliation, diminish the potential errors, and attain supreme financial precision in a hassle-free manner.

Automate your reconciliation
Seamless Settlement & Precise Payments
Insights From Data And Patterns Of Recurring Payments CUSTOM REPORTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

Insights From Data And Patterns Of Recurring Payments

Enhance your financial control utilizing Kolleno’s real-time functions, specially adapted for your UBS. Get instant clarifications into cash flow, repetitive payment activity, and your financial position to make knowledgeable, tactical choices.

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Insights From Data And Patterns Of Recurring Payments
Efficient Cash Flow And Regular Investments MAXIMISE FINANCIAL EFFICIENCY

Efficient Cash Flow And Regular Investments

Streamline your financial operations with Kolleno’s agile reconciliation tools curated specifically for UBS. Leverage detailed insights on recurring transactions and payments for accurate fiscal records and strategic decision-making.

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Efficient Cash Flow And Regular Investments
Safe Transactions & Adherent Reconciliation MONITOR YOUR RECONCILIATION PROGRESS

Safe Transactions & Adherent Reconciliation

Experience seamless functionality with Kolleno’s robust security mechanisms integrated with your UBS account. Guarantee your financial information, recurring transactions, and payments reconciliation are safe, secure, and in-line with prevailing industry standards, all the while enhancing efficiency.

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Safe Transactions & Adherent Reconciliation

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  • Peace of mind: invoices are rigorously followed up on
  • 2 days of work saved per week
  • Getting time and energy back to focus on what really matters
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