Reconcile your M&T Bank account

Spend less time on manual payment matching with M&T Bank. Achieve financial precision effortlessly and reduce complexity.

  • Streamline your M&T Bank reconciliation and transaction matching tasks with automation
  • Offer your clients a simplified payment method for their invoices with M&T Bank, leveraging Kolleno
  • Improve financial accuracy with streamlined reconciliations, craft informed decisions with M&T Bank
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Easy Settlement & Payment Precision RECONCILIATION ON AUTOPILOT

Easy Settlement & Payment Precision

Empower your M&T Bank account with Kolleno to seamlessly process and reconcile transactions. Say goodbye to labor-intensive manual reconciliation, lower the chance of errors, and maintain an undisputable accuracy in your financial records seamlessly and effortlessly.

Automate your reconciliation
Easy Settlement & Payment Precision
Insights Based On Data And Regular Payment Patterns CUSTOM REPORTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

Insights Based On Data And Regular Payment Patterns

Elevate your financial management by leveraging Kolleno’s real-time analytics, customised for your M&T Bank account. Gain instant visibility into cash flow, periodic payment habits, and your fiscal position to make smart, strategic decisions.

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Insights Based On Data And Regular Payment Patterns
Simplified Cash Flow And Regular Investments MAXIMISE FINANCIAL EFFICIENCY

Simplified Cash Flow And Regular Investments

Enhance your operational finances with Kolleno’s smart reconciliation features, specifically crafted for your M&T Bank account. Utilize insight into regular transactions and investments to ensure steady cash inflows and prompt decision making.

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Simplified Cash Flow And Regular Investments

Safe Deals & Accordant Settlement

Feel relaxed with Kolleno’s stringent safety features paired with your M&T Bank account. Safeguard your financial data, recurring transactions, and payments reconciliation to abide by industry standards, yet optimize efficiency.

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Safe Deals & Accordant Settlement

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  • Peace of mind: invoices are rigorously followed up on
  • 2 days of work saved per week
  • Getting time and energy back to focus on what really matters
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