Simple Credit Control with QuickBooks

Integrate your QuickBooks accounting software to streamline credit control processes. Get paid faster in QuickBooks by automating accounts receivables management, staying on top of your clients' communications and scheduling payment reminders in Kolleno.

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Integrate QuickBooks with Kolleno to get paid faster

Forget about chasing late payments and manual credit control processes thanks to QuickBooks' Kolleno integration

Why integrate QuickBooks with Kolleno?

Integrating QuickBooks with Kolleno will allow your team to advance credit control functionalities and deal with them more effectively.

  • One single hub to stay on top of communications, invoices and payments
  • Omni-channel chasing strategy, with automated templates and sequences
  • Data intelligence and insights into client payments behaviours to mitigate credit risks

Benefits of the integration

Kolleno solutions are designed to provide you with a full overview of your accounts receivables, reconcile accounts with ease, and benefit from valuable data insights into your customers’ behaviours.

  • Gain a full visibility and never miss an overdue invoice
  • Stop wasting time on chasing clients manually and avoid human error
  • Manage credit effectively and understand your clients better

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