Tired Of Chasing Payments? Discover 8 Proven Email Templates To Increase Your Chances of Getting Paid.

Struggling to communicate to clients about their overdue invoices? Use our proven email templates to upgrade your communications and streamline collections.

Dimitri Raziev
Founder, Kolleno

Have you ever struggled with writing the perfect email to remind a client about their overdue invoice? Striking the right tone while maintaining a professional relationship can be difficult and time-consuming. Plus, this diverts you from the core business tasks and slows down your cash collection process.

For this reason, our credit control experts have carefully curated a sequence of eight payment reminder email templates that have proven to work for our numerous clients. From gentle to firm, these templates offer a tactful yet assertive approach to making it clear to clients that prompt payment is necessary. Not just that, they also provide an important step often overlooked – a thank you note to acknowledge received payments, fostering a positive relationship and encouraging a future discipline of timely payments.

Using these templates will allow you to manage your credit control effectively, maintain strong client relationships, and most crucially, increase your collections’ success rate.