Talent Garden Transforms AR Management and Drives Growth with Kolleno

With Edoardo Raimondi, CFO at Talent Garden
Talent Garden Transforms AR Management and Drives Growth with Kolleno


Reduction in overdue payments in the first 5 months


improvement in cashflow in the first 3 months


decrease in time spent chasing in the first 2 months
Talent Garden is Europe's leading digital skills academy that has combined work life and learning to empower people and organisations through transformative experiences, providing diverse learning experiences with online, offline and hybrid digital skills courses and have a growing community of over 25,000 alumni.
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We had the pleasure of speaking with Edoardo Raimondi, CFO at Talent Garden, about their innovative approaches to managing finances, fostering strong client relationships, and overcoming daily challenges in the digital skills education space

Talent Garden is Europe’s leading digital skills academy, combining work, learning, and transformative experiences to empower people and organisations. Offering a diverse range of online, offline, and hybrid digital skills courses, Talent Garden has cultivated a growing community of over 25,000 alumni. Their mission is to prepare individuals for the rapidly evolving digital landscape by providing cutting-edge education and fostering meaningful connections.

As Talent Garden’s course offerings and student base grew, they faced increasing difficulties in managing their accounts receivable. Late payments and unresponsive clients strained their cash flow, impeding their ability to invest in curriculum development and student support. Additionally, the time spent on tracking and reconciling invoices took away from their focus on delivering exceptional educational experiences.

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Talent Garden chose Kolleno’s accounts receivable management solution to streamline their invoicing and payment processes. The customer payment portal allowed clients to easily access and pay invoices, while the template creation feature enabled Talent Garden to design customised invoices for their diverse courses. Kolleno’s comprehensive reporting tools provided valuable insights into client payment behaviours, empowering Talent Garden to address issues proactively and improve cash flow management.

After implementing Kolleno, Talent Garden experienced a 54% decrease in overdue payments within the first six months, leading to a 18% increase in cash flow stability. This allowed the academy to invest in enhancing their course offerings and supporting student success. The time spent managing accounts receivable was reduced by 36%, enabling the team to focus on delivering high-quality education and nurturing client relationships.

Talent Garden’s collaboration with Kolleno has been a game-changer, enabling the academy to effectively manage their accounts receivable and significantly improve their cash flow. By streamlining payment processes and gaining valuable insights through the platform, Talent Garden has been able to concentrate on providing outstanding educational experiences to their students. The positive impact on their cash flow and time management has not only contributed to the continued success of their academy but has also set the stage for future growth and expansion.

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